Bell’s Reines, Red Wolf Imports, and The Wine Concierge Together Brings Luxury Cookie and Wine Collection

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An Innovative Alliance Celebrates Gastronomy, Affection, and the Sensory Arts, Launching January 27th, 2024.




Merging the art of fine dining with oenology, Bell's Reines, Red Wolf Imports, and The Wine Concierge are thrilled to reveal the upcoming debut of their exclusive line of luxury mini cookie and wine gift sets. This distinctive partnership between three female-led enterprises is a toast to life, love, and the art of taste, scheduled to premiere on January 27th, 2024.

Renowned for their artisanal gourmet mini cookies, Bell's Reines has collaborated with Red Wolf Imports and The Wine Concierge to cultivate a collection of pairings that will delight the senses. Bell’s Reines gourmet mini chocolate chip or double chocolate chip cookies with Villiera Down to Earth Red, South Africa red wine makes for a next level experience. It is a temptation no chocolate lover may resist. White wine lovers rave about Casa Cadaval Padre Pedro, Portugal white wine which pairs exceptionally well with the melt in the mouth gourmet mini butter or lemon-flavored cookies. These epicure collections are perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any occasion of the week. All luxury mini cookie and wine gift sets ship nationwide (some states are excluded, click here for more details).


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