Hi, We Are Bell's Reines!

I'm Angel, a chemical engineer and chemist, who is the founder of the food blog, Dulcet Scintilla. Which began as an escape from my clinical research. Hi, I'm Teneisha, Angel's mom, with a background in psychology and MBA, who knew we needed to start selling the delicious food featured on the blog. We played around with the menu and created miniature gourmet cookies. Cue the music! We were dancing in the mirror and singing in the shower! It wasn’t long after, that our customers began raving about our mini gourmet cookies and requesting specialty flavors. Now our customers are the ones who were dancing, singing and having their own nostalgic moments.

Our name honors Thomas Roosevelt Bell, Jr., the patriarch of our family. We, his daughter and granddaughter, pay homage to his unmatched hospitality and lifelong adoration of our sweets. Rightfully so, Bell’s Reines (French for Queens), exist to spread love and happiness through everything we bake. We specialize in small-batch, baked by hand miniature gourmet cookies using the highest quality of nut free ingredients - a taste of our family’s legacy for you and yours.

Much Love,
Angel & Teneisha

Life is Sweet, Savor the Small Things.