Get your Sweet Fix with Bell’s Reines Gourmet Mini Cookies

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Do you feel like you are constantly craving sugar? Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth but want something that actually tastes good? Bell’s Reines gourmet mini cookies can help you with that! These bite-sized treats are baked with love and only the highest quality ingredients, so they are as simple as they are delicious! Bell’s Reines also offers five different flavors, ensuring that there’s one that will satisfy all of your cravings.

2 Awesome Reasons To Love Bell’s Reines 2

100% of our ingredients are non-GMO project verified. Our bakery is a female powered brand mom-daughter team. It’s great to be a female-owned and operated food business! In fact, we are one of only a handful in Rockville, Maryland; that means we can bring an additional level of innovation, quality, and transparency to our recipes and ingredients.

Thoughtful Treats That Delight Your Taste Buds

Our Soft & Chewy GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN SNICKERDOODLE, Double Choco-Chip Cookie, and Classic Chocolate Chip are our go-to picks. All of our gourmet cookies are made from scratch using only simple, all-natural ingredients like butter, flour, eggs, and other yummy things that happen to be good for you. #HealthySnacking.   We believe that your cookies should taste great without compromising your health or lifestyle.

Simple Ingredients Make For A Simple Life

WE JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE. We believe that simple ingredients make for a simple life. With simple ingredients comes a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Our gourmet mini cookies are small-batch and baked with lots of love using only the highest quality ingredients. Bell’s Reines is Non-GMO Project Verified. Baking is our love language. Our mother-daughter team believes in female empowerment through baking delicious, simple treats that everyone can enjoy together.

The Perfect Gift For Every Occasion

Our gourmet mini cookies are a perfect gift for that co-worker, friend, or family member who always has your back. You can surprise them for any occasion or just to say you love them. With the holidays and even Valentine’s Day around the corner, our mini gourmet cookies make for a unique gift idea you can enjoy together! The possibilities are endless. Let us help you find that perfect person in your life to share our treats with.

Why Are We Different

Our gourmet mini cookies are small-batch and baked with lots of love using only the highest quality ingredients. At Bell’s Reines we believe that baking is our love language, so for every ingredient included in each batch, we consider them and the consumer to be family and part of our family legacy. 

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